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We provide you with the IT you actually ask for and need. From occasional IT Support through to fully loaded Office projects. We're ready and waiting to help with your IT Support needs in Perth and Joondalup.


We offer two types of service to our clients. A private user rate and a business rate. Both services are charged by the hour.

We offer a flat rate from the minute the work starts.

We support equipment ranging from PC’s and Mac’s, to Mobile Devices. Not forgetting support of Printers and Office Networks. Furthermore we have skills in databases and CRM systems and Microsoft’s Office 365.

International Experience

James previously spent 6 years in Switzerland providing IT service and support to International clients.


30% of people have never backed up. Can you imagine your house or apartment not being insured? Would you choose not to take out health insurance? Your data should be no different.

Black and White offer comprehensive services to ensure your data is safe and secure in the event of a disastrous event such as theft, fire or faulty hardware.

Cloud Service

Cloud is one of the hottest words in IT today, yet most people don’t really understand what it means. Talk to Black and White about what the cloud means for you, and what competitive advantages your business can gain from cloud services.


Security is the single biggest concern in IT these days.  We are CompTIA Security+ certified.  Talk to Black and White and we can help ensure your computers, mobile devices and network are watertight to ensure data security and integrity.


We provide VOIP telephony services at very competitive rates.  We can assist in configuring telephones, voicemail, and call menu systems.  Furthermore we can set you up with a local telephone number that can be used anywhere in the world for the cost of a local call.

Hosting and Domains

We can provide you with competitive and high availability web and email hosting.  We can also assist in registering domains for your business, whether you want an international domain such as .com or a more localised address.


About us

20 Years IT Experience

Black and White provides tailored services for Private and Business clients in Perth and Joondalup. Black and White is run by James McCormack, a British National who was previously based in Switzerland for over 6 years.

During this time he became acquainted with many esteemed international clients. With this experience James understands the different demands as well as the high expectations that come from such a diverse audience typically found in Switzerland. Black and White are able to offer the same quality of IT Support for Perth and Joondalup.

James has worked in a multitude of industries in an international environment, ranging from Commodities, Pharmaceuticals, Investments, Retail and Government. He is married to a German wife and has a young daughter.

What we believe

Making our customers feel valued.

Black and White’s commitments

“We will listen to your needs, hold your hand and guide you to the best IT solutions for business or home.”

“We won’t bombard you with jargon or intimidate you.  You’ll find a friendly and consultative ear who puts the customer’s needs first.”

“Hoarding knowledge and being protective works against the customer, therefore we share our skills and experience to empower you.”

“Customer service is what separates Black and White out from the competition.”


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Typical clients of ours include Commodity Traders, Mining companies, International restaurant brands, Photographic studios, Wine Merchants and Financial advisers. We are able to help provide fully delivered solutions to these businesses. These businesses are able to focus on their own speciality, rather than getting tied down with time consuming IT support.

Solutions we have provided to private clients include improving performance of home WiFi. Fixing security problems related to viruses. Addressing laptops and PC’s with performance problems. Synchronising email, contacts and calendars between tablet and smart phone devices.


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