Boutique IT Support

"Boutique IT"

Much like a boutique clothing store, our focus is to offer tailored IT, with the human touch.  We empathise and understand your frustrations, we listen to what you actually need.  Everybody has their specialist skills, and we aren’t here to judge your IT abilities or to make you feel inadequate, we’re here to help you.

As a boutique service, we are dedicated to quality service for your business.

Dog with bone

"Like a dog with a bone"

Like a dog with a bone, we won’t let go of a problem until you as the customer are happy.  If you’re restless because of IT problems, then so are we.

Our Mission

To allow you to focus on running your business, without being held hostage to IT

Our Promise

To provide dependable, relatable, human IT service to small and medium businesses.

Our Culture

Outward looking, with a global perspective to service.  We’re here to enjoy ourselves, and enjoy the company of people too.

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