The Top 5 reasons why you should use professional IT Support

  1. You’re getting distracted from your main job.

Have you counted up how many hours you spend trying to fix an ongoing IT problem?  Your time is better spent doing what you’re good at, doing something that earns you money rather than muddling along.  Let plumbers do the plumbing, let electricians do the electrics, and let IT guys do the IT stuff.  The reason you try to tackle IT is because it’s accessible, you don’t need specialist tools, you don’t need to get your hands dirty.  The bit that’s missing is IT expertise.

  1. It’s stressing you out.

Everyone has heard the expression “I’m going to throw my computer out of the window”.  Computers when they go wrong are one of the most frustrating and stressful day to day encounters you can have.  The sense of helplessness, the sense of being unproductive.  You should be stressing about your own line of work, not about your computer.  Leave that to the experts.

  1. Your fixes are a sticking plaster.

You’re forced to delete old files so you can save your current documents.  You constantly reboot your computer because it’s always grinding to a halt.  Outlook isn’t working so you have to send that urgent email from your Gmail account.  You close half of your applications that you’re using simultaneously because you can’t save that essential document in Word.

  1. Slow performance is making you less competitive.

Your Internet is sloooow, your PC booting up is slooooow.  Processes just hang and you sit and wait, or frustratingly force a switch off and on of your PC.  How much longer can you put up with this?  Time spent waiting is less time being productive.

  1. Your precious data is a risk.

Do you have a grip on your passwords?  Are they written down on scraps of paper?  Have you changed them in the past 5 years?

And what would happen to your files if someone broke into your office and stole your PC and backup disks?  Or what if you left your laptop behind on the train?  What would you do?  Are you prepared?  Get an expert to advise and put in place a plan to give you peace of mind.

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The Top 5 reasons why you should use professional IT Support
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