IT Support and Managed Services for Perth and Joondalup

Ad-hoc IT Support

Have you got a one off problem with your PC or Mac?  Is the printer refusing to print?  Does your router keep dropping out?  We can assist you with ad-hoc support charged at an hourly rate.

Cloud solutions

Cloud is becoming the standard access point to storing your value data, as well as running your business applications.


Security is the single biggest concern in IT these days.  We are CompTIA Security+ certified.  Talk to Black and White and we can help ensure your computers, mobile devices and network are watertight to ensure data security and integrity.


We work with SIP providers to offer you VOIP telephony services at very competitive rates.  We can assist in configuring telephones, voicemail, and call menu systems.  Furthermore we can set you up with a local Perth telephone number that can be used anywhere in the world for the cost of a local call.

Networking and Servers

With our partners based in Perth we can offer a variety of services for installing and configuring office networks.

Managing Service Providers

We work with major service providers, and manage these relationships on you behalf.

PC Turnkey Subscription Service

Get a business PC when you subscribe to Black and White’s Turnkey offering.

Pay a flat monthly fee, and receive a fully operating PC with mouse, keyboard and monitor, inclusive of IT support, and Office 365.

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