IT support for Settlement Agents and Conveyancing industry

Ad-hoc IT Support for Businessest Agents and Conveyancing industry

Are you managing a busy conveyancing practice? Looking for IT support from a team that understands Settlement Agents and Conveyancing industry?

We know how rewarding it can be to build a successful business of your own.

Now it’s time to make sure you have the IT support you and your clients deserve.

Because really, who’s got time for IT systems that are frustrating or unreliable? We guess you don’t!

You need to know which IT systems and strategies best support your business so you can get on with your job and provide a first-class service to your clients.

Bespoke support for your unique needs

As a settlement agent or conveyancer, you have a complex job that involves time-critical steps and the transfer of large sums of money.

But there is no need to fork out for expensive or time-consuming in-house IT. You can rely on  Managed IT Support which enables you to relax knowing all your IT systems are being monitored and that inclusive support is just a phone call away.

Settlement industry compliance 

If you’re running a busy conveyancing practice, providing settlements for residential and commercial properties then a better option would be having the full reassurance your IT is all under control.

You might be looking for:

  • Peace of mind

Maybe you shudder when thinking of letting your clients down due to technical issues? You want to know that support is just a phone call or email away, and also be assured that any alerts to problems are being monitored.

  • Security

Perhaps security is something that worries you? Conveyancers and settlement agents can be considered a target for fraudsters, given the amount of money that is being transferred.

We can assist in ensuring your computer is patched and up to date, as well as helping to tighten securing using the modern encryption. We can assist with secure password management, offer Ransomware detection / Web protection services, even data loss prevention to avoid TFN numbers, Bank Details and Medicare details falling into the wrong hands.

  • Compliance
IT support for Settlement Agents and Conveyancing industry

Or it could be the compliance part of your business that stresses you out?

You must provide evidence of taking steps to be compliant in Security and Backup, for your insurers and the Australian Institute of Conveyancers WA.

Therefore, it is important to get your IT systems compliant.

This is where we can help. With the support from Black and White, you’ll be able to access IT support when you need it, effectively and promptly.

We have a good working relationship with CS Solutions who provide the industry-renowned SettsPlus settlement software. This means we not only understand your software, but we can also be in contact with them if issues or requests arise.

We are also familiar with PEXA, which integrates with Settsplus.

You can significantly reduce costs related to internal maintenance and administration while also reducing the risk of downtime or security breaches when you have a managed IT service from Black and White.

Benefits to your business of a Managed IT service agreement

Enjoy the following benefits from our Managed IT services: 

  1. VOIP Telephony services, meaning you can have a 1300 or local Perth 08 number.  All running over a dedicated business-grade desk phone, or soft phone on your computer.
  2. IT Support and Management of all IT, such as domains, PC’s, Email, Printers, Phones, tablets.
  3. Security services and Security audits
  4. Cloud services for Office applications
  5. Cloud and local backup.
  6. Monitoring of computer hardware to tackle problems before they become disruptive.
  7. Encryption management, secure password management, patching strategy, anti-Ransomware detection and web protection services.

IT support for Settlement Agents and the Conveyancing industry

The Black and White team can speak your language and are able to offer bespoke, professional IT Support and service to the Conveyancing industry.  Security is an important concern within the conveyancing industry. We can assist you in implementing tighter security to help achieve compliance and client confidentiality.

Are you ready to improve the IT set-up for your business?

IT support for Settlement Agents and Conveyancing industry

We know how hard you work, and how proud you are of your business. You offer a vitally important service and must be sure your IT systems will work for you. At Black and White our team can speak your language, and are able to offer bespoke, professional IT Support to your business. 

Want to know more? Please contact us here.

IT support for Settlement Agents and Conveyancing industry
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