Hosted Exchange

Business grade, bullet proof email hosting from Microsoft.  Just like the big corporates use.

Offers advanced calendar functions, and collaborative working for your business team.

Available for an affordable monthly fee per user, and fully scaleable as your business grows.

Office 365

The most famous business productivity tool that comes with all the favourites, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.

Rather than paying a large one off licence fee, you can subscribe with an affordable monthly fee.

You always get the latest and most secure version of Office as part of your subscription.

Depending on the version you chose, you can get full cloud storage for your files and emails included too.


Capture paper documents using your Udocx Apps on any scanner.

Convert business documents into smart digital files

Save your documents directly in the right folder, and with Cloud platforms including Office365, SharePoint, G Suite and Dropbox.
All for an affordable monthly subscription.
End Point security for your Windows work environment.
Webroot protects you against Malware and dangerous content while browsing the internet.  Blocks hackers attempting to access your computer.  Helps to protect your identify from id theft.
DNS Protection
Helps prevent your employees going to dangerous or inappropriate websites.  Helping to protect your company’s IT investment, as well as protecting your employees.

Get your cloud solution from Black and White today.

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