5 reasons your business needs a 1300 or 08 phone number

Benefits of a 1300 or 08 business number

Because of the huge benefits of a 1300 or 08 business number, when setting up your business phone numbers, we recommend you get a 1300 or 08 number rather than a mobile number.

1300 offers a universally recognisable number format that is useful for businesses serving across all of Australia. 08 offers a recognisably local WA number which might be more suited to regional targeting business. 

It’s really just more professional than a mobile number. Plus it offers you many extra practical benefits (if you already use a mobile number, you can add an extra number).

How do 1300 and 08 numbers work?

1300 numbers are ten-digit business numbers that your customers can call at local call rates from any fixed line in Australia.

A 1300 number usually acts as a single point of contact for your business and attracts customers from outside your local area.  

A ‘08’ phone number is a typical landline phone number that is also charged as a local call.

Both types offer options to answer the call any time on multiple answer points, just like a mobile. But the crucial difference is that a 1300 or 08 number gives your business a professional appeal and presence.

Now, let’s look at the benefits to you when you sign up for a 1300 or 08 business number.

Benefits of a 1300 or 08 business number

A 1300 number can give your business great flexibility over how you would like your inbound calls to be managed. By changing your answer points, you can determine how, where, and when your calls are answered.

The main reasons your business needs a 1300 or 08 phone number rather than a mobile number center around professionality and productivity. 

  • Look more professional

Rather than giving out your private mobile number or making people ring a mobile (which seems a bit amateur), you can use your 1300 or 08 number to create a better impression.

A dedicated 1300 or 08 line means that you can keep personal and professional separate.

your business needs a 1300 or 08 phone number
  • Get access to voicemail and call forward

Using a 1300 number allows you to use a professionally recorded greeting or a voice prompt menu (IVR).

You can also decide where your calls should be answered after hours or any time and day.

And you can have your 1300 number calls routed or redirected to your landline, office phone, mobile, or even international phone numbers.

  • Better customer experience

A 1300 or 08 number is more appealing. It allows you to offer a better call experience and show your customers you care about their call. Because you can use the above-mentioned call forwards and voicemail options, you’ll never miss an important call, and you can return calls much quicker.

  • Easier to remember your number

A 1300 number can help you stand out from the crowd as it can be more memorable. Data also shows that 1300 and 08 numbers receive a much higher recall rate compared to a mobile number, which means you are likely to get more calls and targeted leads.

  • Enjoy clearer calls

There are times when a mobile signal drops out, or the reception is bad, meaning it can be hard to hear the person talking. That’s not what you want for important work calls. A dedicated business phone number is usually a better guarantee against disruptions that can happen to wireless calls.

What’s the difference between 1300 and 1800 numbers?

Well, both have the same features and can be set up with the same benefits. The only difference really is in the charges. With a 1300 prefix the cost of the call is split between the business owner and the caller. Whereas an 1800 prefix allows the customer to call for free leaving the business to pay for the cost of calling (please note the call is free for the caller when dialled from any Australian phone line including a mobile – that’s why 1800 numbers are often referred to as Free Call Numbers or Toll Free Numbers).

Choosing a 1300 or 08 number and adding an extra line

We always suggest that you opt for a smart phone service that lets you easily forward a call to your mobile, just as you’d forward e-mail from one account to another.

Setting up a new 1300 or 08 number or transferring an existing one is so simple and at Black and White we will help you set it all up exactly how you want it.

Are you ready to get a more professional look?

At Black and White, we can help you set up 1300 or 08 phone numbers (and 1800 numbers). Our IT support will seamlessly transfer your landline number or numbers to a new system without the disruption of calls being lost.

We offer a number of cloud PBX solutions, that allow you to have a dynamic and configurable telephone system for your business. We can set up VOIP technology, and we also offer a number of phone handset models, from simple office desk phones to reception phones that can manage multiple lines and calls. 

Want to know more? Please contact us here.

5 reasons your business needs a 1300 or 08 phone number
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