5 Most Common IT Problems.

How many hours of your precious time do you waste trying to fix an IT problem?

Here’s your countdown of the five most common IT problems that could be resolved if you call Black and White for IT Support Perth and Joondalup.

  1. The printer won’t print.
    Printer problems

Where do we start?  Throughout my IT career I’ve always advised never to work with children or printers.  Printers cause so much frustration.  From dried out ink, to paper getting jammed.  Drivers not working correctly, page sizes set wrong, not printing on both sides of paper, smudging and smearing.

  1. My computer is slower than watching paint dry.
Slow PC

It takes ages to switch on.  Opening an application takes as long as boiling the kettle.  Switching between tabs makes you repeatedly click the mouse in the belief it will speed things along.  You shout at your computer.

It can be down to so many things.  Viruses, not enough memory, a faulty disk, too many old programs running in the background.  Lastly it could be because your computer is just old.

  1. The WIFI / Internet is slow.Slow WiFi

Everyone knows how solidly built WA houses are.  This is great because it means noisy kids and loud music doesn’t travel between rooms.

This is bad for WiFi though, as WiFi doesn’t like double brick built WA walls.  If you want high performing internet with the freedom to move around your house and garden with your laptop, then WiFi boosters are the surest way to resolve this problem.

Other internet performance problems can be that your router is configured wrongly.  Your internet provider may have a problem.  Viruses on your computer are hogging your net connection.  Your PC hardware might be faulty.

  1. I’ve lost my files!!!

Frustrated man

Files are your life or your business.  Spreadsheets or family photos are kept as precious files.  And yet, you didn’t keep a backup did you?  Or you once made a copy to a USB device about 12 months ago and now don’t know where you’ve placed it.

Files can be lost for a number of reasons, you deleted them by mistake, your computer hardware catastrophically failed, or someone stole your laptop.

A proper backup solution is needed.  Be it a cloud based solution or a backup device at home or in the office.

  1. My computer won’t start.Blue screen of death

Are you faced with the “Blue Screen of Death”?  Perhaps it’s the old fashioned black DOS screen that can’t find a disk.

You can frustratingly attempt searching Google for a solution from your smartphone, or you can contact Black and White.  The first thing of which we’ll do is to make sure that your files and data are safe.

Had enough of these IT Problems?  Then click this button for IT Support Perth and Joondalup.

Fixed computer

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5 Most Common IT Problems.
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